Hydrogen peroxide-based Antiviral Disinfectant

  • 500 mL (Volume Customization is allowed)
  • Kills virus in 5 minutes under Dirty conditions
  • Shelf life: Very Stable. Rigorously developed to have a 2-year shelf life
Hydroxy-S-Anns Group


Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

1) Non-volatile
2) No Residue
3) Safe to Use
4) Non-Bleach
5) Fragrance Free
6) Alcohol Free
7) Non-corrosive
8) Environmental Friendly


Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Question on Hydroxy S

1. What is Hydroxy-S?

Hydroxy-S is a sanitizer that was specially developed to kill enveloped viruses. It is effective against viruses such as SARS Cov-2 (Corona Virus), Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Measles, Rubella and Herpes. This has been verified by a certified and independent laboratory.

2. What is the active ingredient in Hydroxy-S?

The active ingredient is Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has been used in medical disinfection for over 50 years. It has a proven track record.

3. How does Hydroxy-S work?

Hydroxy-S works by converting into reactive oxygen and water. The reactive oxygen damages and destroys bacteria and viruses. The oxygen then goes into the air and the water simply evaporates.

4. What is special about Hydroxy-S?

Hydroxy-S is extensively tested at each level of production to ensure that the manufacturing protocol is strictly followed. We have tested all our raw materials including the container to ensure that there is no breakdown of Hydroxy-S. Most importantly, Hydroxy-S is specially formulated to be stable and have a long shelf life. Many products that use hydrogen peroxide break down after a short period and lose any effectiveness. We guarantee our shelf life of 2 years if properly stored. Hydroxy-S is also fragrance free and does not overwhelm the senses. It is also very environmentally friendly.

5. How do you use Hydroxy-S?

Simply spray on the surface. Wait for 5 minutes and wipe or you can allow it to dry naturally. As it dries it can become more effective.

6. What is the quality level of Hydroxy-S?

Excellent. We quality control each production batch and analyze it before it is released for sale. We even use purified water in our product. We analyze each lot for acceptable level of hydrogen peroxide – zero exceptions. Our QC group is fully authorized to stop any product that does not meet our standards.

7. Why is Hydroxy-S priced as is?

Hydroxy-S is a premium product. This means we stand behind our product. All our products meet our very strict manufacturing procedure and must pass 7 different Quality Control tests. We have performed very extensive testing to ensure that you get the best possible quality. We NEVER take shortcuts for quality. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality.

8. How long is Hydroxy-S stable?

From the time Hydroxy-S is made, the shelf life is 2 years if stored properly. Each product will have an expiration date attached.

9. Is Hydroxy-S safe?

Yes, at our concentration (2.5%) it is extremely safe. Hydrogen peroxide concentration of 3% and under is considered very safe by most regulatory authorities.

10. Is it safe around pets and children?

Yes, it is. But do exercise care around children and pets, take care that they don’t get direct exposure to the face, eyes etc. Please always use good care as you would for any thing else.

11. What happens if you get it on your skin?

For majority of people nothing. Historically, hydrogen peroxide has used as topical antiseptic. Some people who, have tiny micro-abrasions (microscopic cuts) may feel some minor irritation. Just rinse under running water. People with micro-abrasions will also experience skin irritations if they use rubbing alcohol, iodine, or even harsh soaps.

12. What are the other uses of Hydroxy-S?

Hydroxy-S can be used to neutralize some bad smells. For example, spraying in the bathroom, or smelly areas in the kitchen, or near small rubbish bins. It can also remove odors inside cars.

13. How can I re-order Hydroxy-S?

Please check on the QR code and it will take you to our authorized vendor.

14. Will Hydroxy-S damage fabrics?

Unlike bleach, Hydroxy-S is safe on most fabrics and will not damage it. We have tested it on cotton, silk and several polyester blends. To be super safe, test it on a small spot first. If nothing happens you can spray it.

15. Is Hydroxy-S corrosive?

Hydroxy-S is not corrosive and is very friendly to metals.

16. Is Hydroxy-S flammable?

No Hydroxy-S is not flammable.

17. Can you spray Hydroxy-S on blood spills?

Yes, you can if they are small, it will bubble for a bit, but this is normal as oxygen is being released. For large blood spill, please seek proper medical guidance. For all blood spills, please use good protective items such as gloves and goggles.

18. Can you spray Hydroxy-S on fruits or other foods?

Yes, but spray it on the fruits with intact skin. Spray as described on the instructions.

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